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Shadow Warrior 2 Slices 'N' Dices In 13 Mins Of Gameplay

Cool murders

Shadow Warrior 2 [official site] looks full of places I'd like to swim, and I can't think of a higher compliment to pay a game's environment artists.

Shadow Warrior 2 also looks full of some of the nicest-looking first-person shooting I've seen out of E3. A new 13-minute gameplay trailer shows off the demo build they took to E3, with Lo Wang and a co-op pal fighting demons through a village's streets and over its rooftops, into a temple. The speed and slickness of it all looks cool as heck. Check out this cool murder:

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I know, right? The dodges, dashes, and mantling as they zip around the rooftops look great fun. As a child of Quake, I sorely miss expressive movement in modern FPSs. The stabbing, shooting, arrowing, and magicking all look a lark too - though I can't imagine I'll find much use for that invisibility power.

The sequel brings an expanded arsenal of weapons (70, they say), magic powers, and trinkets, along with four-player co-op and procedurally-generated environments. I wonder whether they cherry-picked the level for this demo. Still, what's on show looks pretty decent in the main combat areas at least. And in those lovely, lovely swimming spots.

Sadly, we'll need to wait until 2016 for Shadow Warrior 2.

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