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Giganto-Spoiler: First 25 Minutes Of Clear Sky

Initially I couldn't actually bring myself to watch this. Those that had assured me that it was "okay, I suppose", "looking a bit better the first game," and - ominously - "Jim, it's a kill x rats mission." I hoped that's wasn't true. I had to take a look.

Also: it's almost sarcastically karmic. There was me moaning about trailers that had no game footage, and then along comes twenty-five minutes of a game that I didn't want to spoil for myself by watching. Sigh.


- It has a mixture of Russian and English dialogue, but more English than before, I think.
- It looks as beautiful and desolate as ever.
- Friendly AI is looking remarkably solid. They actually appear to work with you.
- They're bandits, not rats.
- The blow-out thing looks astonishing. Although I'm not quite sure what happened afterward.
- Slightly better-looking inventory.
- More shooters should have RPG-style inventories.
- Intriguing faction stuff going on? There's already a lot of plot clues in that twenty-five minutes.
- I can't wait to play this.
- Roll on the 29th of August.

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