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Giger Encounter: Prometheus Built In Doom 3

So the idea of building a mod all on your lonesome seems like folly, right? We all know mods are basically games that don't have money or offices or rooms full of snacks. Please just agree with my blanket statement so we can move on to my real point. Anyway, if the very act of making mod is folly, what about making a mod based on Prometheus, when Prometheus is the folliest of follies? It was folly in 3D. It should have been called "Follytheus". I'd say the act of a single person making Doom 3 Prometheus total conversion is folly squared, which is the right amount to get me interested.

At first I figured it would be inspired by the movie, or just show off a bit of it, but the Prometheus Movie Doom 3 mod seems to be an attempt to recreate everything in the movie, from the opening sequence through to controllable ships and buggies. How one person is going to have the time to model and skin all that is a mystery, but he's trying, and documenting his progress in a series of videos. Obviously they constitute spoilers of the movie, so if you haven't seen it you might want to pop yourself into a hyperspace sleep chamber, or just not hit play. For the rest of you, here are a few unspoilery nuggets from a series of early builds. He has the layout well captured, I suspect the difficulty will be polishing it up to an acceptable loveliness.

Brr! it's the Cryochambers.

Cover image for YouTube video

A Benny Hill tour of Prometheus.

Cover image for YouTube video

No word on the release, but don't expect it any time soon. The rest of the video, including the mildly spoilery ones, are here.

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