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Gimme Shelter: Sanctum 2 In Motion (Probably)

Is this first footage from boots-on-the-ground tower defence sequel Sanctum 2 in-game or pre-rendered? Don't ask me, I'm rapidly losing the ability to tell. Last week Jim showed me an Arma 3 video and I genuinely had to ask if it was from a game or a real recording, even though it featured a man being fired into the sky. I worry about myself, I really do. I'm pretty sure this is from the game itself though, even if it's scripted up the wazoo for comic effect. If so, it will be a pretty videogame, as they go. It will also have towers in, but I guess we knew that.

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There you go. Doesn't tell us much about how the game will differ from the first game from a doing stuff perspective, but it looks like a step up in the graphicsability department from Sanctum the first. 'Lush' is the word that springs to mind for the level backdrops.

Of course, the most important thing about Sanctum 2 is that its composer is called Leonard Hummer. We can only hope that he hangs out with friends such as Dave Whistler, Mike Close-Harmony and Ian Falsetto.

This is just one of many AMAZING FACTS gleaned from Sanctum 2 makers Coffee Stain Studios' expansive devblog, which you should definitely be reading if you want to find out more about the game. There are also assorted, also lush shots of the beasties you'll be murderising.

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