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Buckets And Spades: Sanctum 2 Adds Sandbox Mode

The lovely people at Coffee Stain Studios have given their first person tower defence game Sanctum 2 a big giant patch with lots of lovely new updates in it, like pausing (I love a good pause) (.........) and a sandbox, so get out your bucket and spade!

What is a sanctum really, you might ask, besides a word that sci fi and fantasy games love leaving pretty much everywhere like a rabbit might leave droppings. Well, I might say to you, it is usually used for sacred places like shrines and churches, or is simply a "private place from which most people are excluded". I have been calling our fridge that for a whole day now, guarding it very carefully with a prongs-out fork, and my housemate Alice is getting very cross.

Sanctum 2 is a first person shooter tower defence game set in one of those blue-lasery Bowie-purply type worlds where everything looks like it evolved from teh Haloez. Jim wrote a very favourable review of it back in March, where he said that it enhanced team play very well, though it had a few problems with scarce resources.

It seems to have a kind of cute lovely community, which is demonstrated by the willingness of its community members and developers to simply arse around together. There is in-game text to speech (each character has a different voice) which is always amazing fun, and when an oncoming rush of enemies come towards you it is always good form to yell, "Aaaaaaaaaaa" at oncoming traffic. Voila:

Well maybe that wasn't as impressive as first thought.

Coffee Stain rolled out a big new patch yesterday with a new sandbox mode, "where people can tweak resources, enemy hp and disable tower cap," as well as adding a long needed pause function and making the Targeting System perk a standard feature of the game. You can catch the full patch notes here, and check out the game over here. It's on sale for a tenner!

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