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Going On The Defensive: Sanctum 2's First Trailer

Sanctum 2, the follow-up to Coffee Stain Studios' first-person tower defense titan, has been a known quantity for quite some time now - at least, insofar as we know that we know very little about how it all comes together. Sure, Coffee Stain's been running a rather expansive dev blog, but games are sometimes known for their gameplay. Or so I have heard. But enough hearing; let's see some things. What kind of things, you ask? How about guns, giblets, jump pads, bug mechs, four-player co-op, and several-hundred thousand graphics? The break beckons. Do not deny it. It becomes dangerously aggressive when spurned.

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So basically, it looks like Sanctum, but more and better. Which, honestly, isn't a problem in my book, given that the original already displayed fairly adept mastery over its particular brand of first-person tower defending. Plus, some of the smaller additions sound like they could actually turn out quite huge. Case in point:

"Sanctum 1 was an awesome game, but many players felt that they wanted more ways to customize their characters and playstyle. We have added a perk system in Sanctum 2, but we want perks to be more than just a slight boost to your damage output."

"To illustrate an example, there is one perk that doubles your clip size and rate of fire. Combine this with the Adrenaline Rush perk that increases your movement speed every time your shots hit an enemy, and throw in the Rymdskor perk that allows you to double-jump and do damage to enemies you land on and you’ll be a lightning-fast, bouncing & shooting ball of doom!"

Also very high on my "hmmm, harumph, ah yes, oh indeed, but then what of the geopolitical ramifications" list: truly aggressive enemies, bosses that will apparently turn us into goo, modifiers to make levels more difficult, and heaps of new tower types.

Color me reasonably excited. The original Sanctum was magnificent, and the sequel sounds like it'll keep me occupied for at least several thousand years. That's good news, as I didn't have anything planned for that time period anyway. It'll be out later this year. Thoughts? Criticisms? Coffee stains shaped eerily similar to a game character/religious figure?

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