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Global Agenda Is Free From... Now

As Quintin mentioned was about to happen last week, Global Agenda is now free to play. Which it sort of was before. But now it's all free to play, even if you didn't buy the box. What they've done here, right, is called it, okay, "Free Agent". See, because it's a game that's ostensibly about spies (except it really isn't) and it's free, see? Geddit?! No, me neither.

Of course, you can still spend money if you want to. Developers Hi-Rez say,

"Optional purchases at the Global Agenda web-store allow players to progress more quickly through the game, accelerating xp, credits, tokens, and loot."

Their self-confidence that their elf-free, shooter-focused MMO is the answer to all things continues, COO Todd Harris now praising his game above all other F2P releases, says,

"To a free-to-play audience tired of click and wait fantasy MMOs, or unbalanced pay to win shooters, we think that the advanced sci-fi visuals and balanced combat of Global Agenda: Free Agent will be very refreshing. We’ve seen a very positive response from our announcement and have invested in server capacity to handle the increased demand."

There's more than just becoming free in the 1.4 patch. Here's the rest of it:

- New revised skill trees for Recon, Assault, Robotics and Medic classes to encourage specialization and build diversity.
- New repeatable missions from Operative Vanik and Ava Lockhart in Dome City
- New end-game content, Dome Defense, added as a Raid challenge for players level 40 and above. Dome Defense requires a highly skilled and coordinated team to maintain the health of the hero NPC Dalton Bancroft while defending Dome City from waves of Recursive Colony robots
- Mercenary PvP matches for players level 30 and above now grant separate and better rewards. Increased drop rates for - Epic items as well as increased drop of Crescent Jetpack. New Tier-5 Dyes now drop from 30+ Merc PvP
PvP game-type Demolition has been re-implemented as Acquisition in which one team must capture a robot from the enemy and take it back to their base; our Global Agenda version of the class Capture the Flag game-type
- Many PvP and PvE instance maps have been adjusted to fix exploits and promote more varied and balanced gameplay.

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