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Gloomwood's Thief-with-guns 'em up sneaks into enters early access

They say it's "very polished"

I saw people referring to Gloomwood as "Thief with guns" and thought, 'ah, bit reductive that. I'll come up with--' oh no wait its URL is thiefwithguns.com. Fair enough. It is an accurate description, and if you've enjoyed its demos during various Steam Fests, you'll be pleased to know it's now out in Steam Early Access.

Here's the new early access launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoGloomwood Early Access Starts NOW

Gloomwood is a stealth horror FPS, in which you'll sneak around a Victorian city by hiding in shadows and muffling your footsteps. You can lean, mantle, sling ropes for climbing, but you're also armed with a canesword, revolver, shotgun and various traps should you need ot take a direct route through Gloomwood's monsters.

There's also some Resi 4-style inventory Tetris, so you can shuffle your ammo and syringes around to make room.

This early access release comes after several delays. A demo released in 2020 was meant as a precursor to a fuller release that same year, and even at this year's Steam Next Fest its developers projected an August release. Games take time. But also, as a nice twist, they finally put a specific date on the Early Access release... And then released it a day early, as a surprise.

Its developers say that the early access release is "very polished", containing several areas of the game world that are "in a state polished enough for a final release." That includes the "visuals, mechanics, items, weapons and enemies" present within the included areas. Regardless, there are several entire areas not yet included in the release, and that's what the developers will work on next.

If you buy Gloomwood from Steam now, it'll cost you $20, but that price may increase to $30 by the time the early access process has fleshed out the game. With the launch discount, it costs £13.94/€15.11/$18 right now.

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