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Go for a tranquil sail in the appropriately-named Becalm

By the waters

It has, as usual, been a long week, but don’t worry – Becalm is here to provide the perfect pick me up. This gentle cruise simulator doesn’t ask for anything but for you to take in the beautiful surroundings, and maybe snap a picture or two if you’d like.

Even the trailer is a blessing, giving just a taste of the serenity:

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I’ve had Becalm on my ‘to play’ list for a while, probably since Kat Brewster called attention to it in their Priceless Play column, and I really should have gotten around to it earlier because it truly is a five minute burst of a palette cleanser that I can see myself coming back to often.

If you especially enjoy the ride, you can also drop into endless mode, which won’t cut you off so you can enjoy the sound of the rain, birds, insects and more for as long as you’d like. It’s these soundscapes that especially make the calming environment, and apparently they are “field recorded” which makes me want to get out to my local water body as soon as possible.

Or maybe just to take another trip in the indistinct, colourful worlds that this boat can take me to. That way I can also stay warm and inside.

If you’re looking for more dramatic dreamlike adventures, developers Colorfiction have you covered. Suffice to say upcoming Ode To A Moon does not seem to be based in quite the same tranquil philosophy, and I hear that Brendy now lives and works entirely from the chaotic glitchscape of 0°N 0°W. Apparently the weather’s lovely.

Becalm is available to download for free on Steam, or for pay-what-you-want with no minimum on

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