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Ode To A Moon is a psychedelic horror adventure "inspired by actual events"

When the moon hits your eye... OW!

Ever since playing Bloodborne I've been vaguely suspicious of the moon, so seeing its influence tearing the very fabric of reality asunder in Ode To A Moon's debut trailer reinforces my prejudices. The latest from 0°N 0°W creator Colorfiction, it looks to be yet another walk through a surreal reality, although this time more coherent than their previously disconnected dreamscapes. Below, a strange and lurid launch trailer - given some of the fragmented spaces shown, I'm certainly hoping this was only vaguely inspired by real events, as Colorfiction claims.

Ode To A Moon has a classic horror setup - a tabloid photo-journalist is sent on a boring assignment to a rural town during a lunar eclipse. Far far, so pastoral, but once you arrive it's clear that things have gone a little bit weird during the harvest festival, as they do. Judging by the anachronistically warped camera effects (we're going to have to find a digital alternative to film grain), there's a bit of a Found Footage angle to this one, so it's anyone's guess whether you're getting out alive.

Cover image for YouTube video

Increasingly surreal weirdness aside, this does look to be a bit more grounded than Colorfiction's previous work. While some of the environments are more obviously dreamlike, screenshots and the trailer show farmlands and houses to explore. Even in reality it's often a strange experience to find yourself out in rural pockets of civilisation at night. Mixed in with some intentional cosmic weirdness, it looks like it could be a fun trip to take. That said, I'm still eyeing that moon suspiciously - I know you're up to something.

Right now there's no release date for Ode To A Moon, but you can see more over on its official page here, as well as check out Colorfiction's other games, several of which are free.

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