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Goblins and Grottos Graduates to Full Release

Thanks, paladins!

Goblins and Grottos [official site], a game that turns the dungeon crawler on its head, has just graduated from Early Access to full release. The game was playable in Early Access for about six months, and received warm reviews. Playing as an innocent, unassuming goblin, you look on as your family is murdered by a level 100 paladin. Tired of the unending injustice wrought upon your brethren by power hungry adventurers, you must set out on a quest for revenge. It's a cruel world though. The dastardly knights and adventurers level up as you progress, but as a mere goblin you're stuck with what you've got. Realism!

Goblins and Grottos is a dungeon crawling, puzzle platformer with a dose of self-deprecating gamer humor thrown in for good measure. In a recent Reddit AMA, the game's developers cited Prince of Persia as one of Goblins and Grottos mechanical inspirations. As such, a high level of attention went into the game's platforming elements. If you get sick of the built-in story mode and maps, there's even a level editor that will let you create your own levels and story modes. Create something you're especially proud of and you can share it with the rest of the community.

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You can grab Goblins and Grottos now on Steam. What's more, the game is 25% off until July 14.

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