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God Of War PC offers test fix for "out of memory" errors

Available through a beta branch on Steam

Friday's long-awaited PC launch of God Of War was mostly received by people nodding their heads and muttering "Boy"—the highest praise a heavy heart can offer. A few would-be players, however, found themselves unable to play, with the game throwing up "out of memory" error messages when they really shouldn't be out of memory. The devs have been looking into the issue, and released a potential fix on an opt-in experimental branch on Steam. It sounds like it fixes the problem for some people, but not all.

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"We've seen a number of people reporting issues with 'Out of Memory' errors on start up when the computer should otherwise have ample memory," the devs explained in a Steam post over the weekend. "In our investigation of these issues we found that the vast majority of these were happening to people with new 12th Gen Intel CPUs with integrated graphics and that disabling the graphics card allowed people to work around the issue."

"We've prepared a hot fix to resolve this issue and would love your help in validating the fix if you're willing."

If you want to try the fix, right-click on the game in your Steam library, select Properties, go into the Betas tab, and select "experimental" from the drop-down menu. It'll then download the beta patch. If you don't see that option, restart Steam first.

The post does warn that "we have not completed our full round of quality assurance testing on this build, so there could be instances of instability that we have not identified yet." Looking at the comments, it seems fixes "out of memory" errors for some players, but a few are still reporting the game crashing and grumbling. Some point out they don't even have the supposed problem CPU. But hey, this is only the first stab at a test fix. Fingers crossed for a better outcome when the patch launches properly on the main branch.

In our God Of War PC review, Alice Bee said, "Believe the hype: it really is very good". James took at a look at God Of War PC performance and such too, saying the port "shows an impressive attention to detail."

God Of War is out now Steam and Epic for £40/€50/$50.

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