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How are you finding God Of War on PC so far?

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God Of War is out now, as of Friday at 5pm. This gives PC gamers their first chance to experience 2018's hottest memes, yelling "Boy!" at one another, and writing thinkpieces about videogame dads. It also gives them the chance to satisfyingly throw an axe through a lot of skeletons.

The general consensus on God Of War is that it's excellent, and so is its PC port. It currently has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, James was impressed by both its bells and its whistles, and Alice is a big fan of its giant everything.

I played this God Of War on its previously exclusive release on PlayStation in 2018, and it lived in my memory as a 70 hour poetic battle between gods and monsters. Revisiting it again on PC, it turns out that it's actually only about 20 hours long, but it looms so large as an experience that turning it off at the end feels like stumbling into daylight, having spent many weeks in a firelit, sweaty hunting lodge in a Norwegian pine forest, slamming mead and singing songs about warriors tearing goats in two. There are a lot of big warriors in God Of War. There are a lot of very big things in it in general: statues, dragons, big angry rocks. And a big man, because the titular Kratos, as a yardstick to measure size, is already incongruously big, just so many sacks of salted beef held together by leather armour.

James' look at the port will breakdown the best settings to use when you play. God Of War's PC port has an impressive list of features, including basics like an uncapped framerate, but also ultrawide support and Nvidia DLSS.

Are you playing God Of War? How is it so far? Has it penetrated your gruff exterior and thawed your meat heart?

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