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Godzilla menaces San Francisco in this Microsoft Flight Simulator mod

Oh no, they say he's got to go...

I've already gushed about the excellent wildlife there is to find in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but for as lovely as the giraffes and elephants are, the game was clearly missing something a little… bigger. Thanks to some skilled modders, you can add Godzilla to the list of creatures to catch a glimpse of on your safaris - just, uh, don't fly too close to this one, eh?

Now, before you ask, yes, we have posted about a Godzilla mod before. Craig wrote about one in his roundup of the best Microsoft Flight Simulator mods. [But with a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound, I threatened to pull the spitting high tension wires down if we ever passed up an opportunity to post more about Godzilla -ed.]

This other mod, created by "muyprofesional" over on Nexus Mods, is a bit newer. It plonks a big old model of the scaly kaiju right in San Francisco Bay rather than in the city, emerging from the water and casting a threatening watch over the city. And rather than simply listing it in a roundup, I thought you might like to see footage of it in action:

Cover image for YouTube video

"Imagine yourself flying in the storm with poor visibility and suddenly discover the lightning silhouette of the King of the Monsters," says the mod's creator.

"Stop imagining it. Now you can feel it."

Our brave guides writer, Ollie, took to the skies above the beast to bring this video to you, reader. He even managed to capture it all in the midst of some stormy weather, for maximum dramatic effect. While watching it I half expected the thing to suddenly turn and grab his plane, but fortunately old 'Zilla is just scenery.

The modder has plans to stick King Kong on the Empire State building, too, if this mod goes down well. Please let that be the case. I'd love to load up loads of film reference mods in Flight Sim and just soar around trying to spot them all.

[Hullo sorry, just popping up again to say while this model clearly is of a Godzilla toy, it still looks impressive rising above the skyline at sunset - and shouldn't Godzilla always look a bit fake? okay bye -Alice0.]

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