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GOG Are Up To Something, Teasing Things

I'm probably falling into a marketing trap. The GOG people are watching the Internet for a mention of GOG, and now I've just pinged RPS on their global map of suckers. I don't care. Fill me in on your spreadsheet, if you must. You have my attention. On Thursday, 18:00 GMT they'll be hosting a live press conference on their website to talk about "an exciting new direction that the digital distributor formerly known as 'Good Old Games' will be taking." How many more directions can one company take?

The last time the direction was to drop the "Old" part of their name, so they could host new games on their digital distribution service. If they drop either "Good" or "Games" I'd expect uproar from the community, so I don't imagine that will happen (I'm like Michael Pachter, me). The video below says "we took digital downloads and we made them analogue", which only makes sense in a bizarro universe where digital distribution came first. It's also clearly mocking the self-important tone of Apple's ads.

Cover image for YouTube videoUploads from GOG

If digital distribution isn't thrilling enough for you, after GOG have left the stage CD Project will appear to thrill us with news about The Witcher 2, their mod-tools, and they promise some information on the Cyberpunk inspired RPG they've been making. We should find out what it's called, a boon for the good people whoadd games into online shop databases. Keep up the good work, chaps.

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