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Goodbye to Dave Irwin, RPS guides writer

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However many people enter the RPS treehouse, the same number of people eventually leave. There's no fighting inside, just fun and games. In this Dave Irwin leaving RPS guide, I'll say goodbye to Dave, thank him for his work, and explain how you can do the same.

Goodbye Dave Irwin

Dave was the first member of our guides team, joining RPS a little over two years ago to produce clear headed advice on how to be better at games. In that time he's produced hundreds if not thousands of articles.

Dave's guides have covered games including:

These are just the tip of a tips iceberg.

Ollie remains dedicated to keeping the RPS guides flowing, and we'll have some news in the near future about who'll be picking up Dave's guide cudgel.

Guides writers tend to be unsung heroes, toiling away in the tips mines producing useful work that's widely read but rarely celebrated. Whether you use the guides yourself or not, please help change this by singing Dave fond farewells in the comments below.

We hope this guide to wishing Dave well was useful. If you're looking for more goodbyes, we've got a lot of other great goodbye posts to check out.

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