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Goodness: I Really Want To Play Zineth

"What is love?" I sometimes ask myself while sipping priceless wine from a priceless chalice made of reasonably priced recyclable goods and chuckling condescendingly at the metaphysical works of Plato and Aristotle. Of course, I already know the answer: Slavish devotion to someone's most specific desires without any compromise whatsoever. Ergo, by that utterly flawless logic, developer Arcane Kids loves me. Its debut, a two-month student project that goes by the name Zineth, looks like a mix between Jet Set Radio's rocket-powered rollerblading, Crackdown's Death-provoking acrobatics, and Antichamber's off-kilter sense of style. So basically, everything I've ever cared about. Obviously, such a short development period means the end result will probably be pretty simple, but I can't help but like what I'm seeing here. Jet grind past the break to check it out for yourself.

Watch on YouTube

Speaking with Indie Game Magazine, Arcane Kids explained that there's also a plot helping people readjust to real life after the world's been ravaged by a dystopic, maniacally ubiquitous, er, cell phone game. It all sounds pretty heavy handed, but hey, the cell phone game's playable. So that's kind of neat.

As of now, Zineth doesn't even have a website, but it's apparently undergoing some final pre-release control tweaks, so it should be out soon. Which is nice, because - as I've uncovered during my Ruminations - true love should neither be patient nor understanding.

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