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Gotta Go Fast: SpeedRunners

Ah, that greatest of all inventions, the grappling hook. Where would the world be without it? Likely a passing oddity of scorched earth and radioactive waste for some alien civilization. DoubleDutch Games have seen fit to immortalise this world-changing piece of undeniably brilliant technology in SpeedRunners. It's a 2D platforming racer which Adam's thrown words about before. Now that it's up on Steam Early Access, I've managed to give it a little play so feast your eyes on the latest trailer and some thoughts when you slide under the break.

It's glorious fun. There's an extreme simplicity to it that gives a wonderful pick-up-'n'-play feel but it remains challenging thanks to the natural advantages of multiplayer. Four player matches are hectic madhouses of powerups flying everywhere and a mad dash to stay on-screen and thus alive. But the game morphs interestingly when played one versus one, adopting a more tactical feel where you attempt to control the position, speed and options of your opponent. It's hardly the next Dota but there's a real competitive vibe once you get going against an equally skilled adversary.

If you'd like to check out the very much in-beta version, take a look here, or wait for full release in the coming months.

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