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Greater Than The Sum: Samurai Gun(n)

Seriously, imagine a samurai with a gun. You finally surrounded the over-courageous little bugger and think you've got him beat. Suddenly he goes one-handed with the blade, fending off half your goons, while he reaches inside his robes for a high-calibre boom stick. Blasting away, he escapes down a mine shaft/elevator cable/well placed hatch and you're left with nothing but your cat and metal claw. Next time. Anyway, Samurai Gunn is a brilliant looking game about two to four of these monstrous combinations of modern and ancient battling it out in local multiplayer. Trailer if you can slice through to it.

The stylisation of the kill shots is superb. Since The Matrix I've had an infatuation with sudden, massive slow-motion and I find it enhances fight scenes immensely. Used well, it either allows a player to feel overpowered (by leaving them in control at full speed) or lets them admire the destruction wrought. I'm not alone in my admiration, the game having been featured in a number of indie showcases. This includes fighting game mega-festival (and highlight of the gaming calender) EVO; the upcoming PAX Prime's megabooth and the 2013 IGF awards, where it picked up a nomination for Excellence in Design.

You'll be able to (peacefully and legally) slice your friends into tiny, harmless pieces come Christmas.

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