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Grindstone's Monsters And Mamas update adds new playable character

Plus a new accessibility mode

Beloved puzzle battler Grindstone has received another free content update. "Monsters And Mamas" adds the game's first alternate playable character, letting you choose to ascend the mountain as vetern stonegrinder Jorja, pictured above. There's also a new Boss Blitz mode, new rewards, and a high-contrast accessibility feature for the colourblind.

Here's a trailer to introduce the update:

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Jorja seems to be a cosmetic change, and is able to equip any unlocked gear you've earned as original playable character, her grandson Jorj. Personally, I will be playing with Jorja from now on.

Boss Blitz is a new daily challenge mode with a permanent leaderboard. You have to smash your way through seven-levels of previously defeated bosses without the ability to refill or heal in between. Boss Blitz is unlocked at level 16 and accessible from Ivor's Hut. The existing Daily Grind mode has also been revised so it now offers rewards for players who complete runs.

Lastly, there's the High Contrast Mode, which highlights enemies based on your current chain colour, and enemies which have entered the "aggro" state. These changes are specifically designed to make the game more accessible to those players with colour vision deficiency, according to the press release. The mode can be activated from the settings menu.

Katharine wrote back in June about her irresistible love for Grindstone, saying that the ability to play it in windowed mode on PC was going to be the end of her. She also talked about how packed with levels the game felt, which makes it all the more neat that it keeps getting new stuff added for free.

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