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Murderous match-3 game Grindstone has arrived on PC

An Apple Arcade favourite

When Grindstone first came out in 2019, it was exclusive to Apple's gaming subscription service Apple Arcade, and all the iPhone users I know absolutely raved about it. It's a match-3 puzzler (with a little more to it than your typical match-3 game) full of characterful cartoons who hack and slash their way through each other as you climb up Grindstone mountain. From what I hear, it's excellent, so I'm excited to finally try it now it's on PC.

Developed by Capybara Games (who also made Below and Super Time Force), Grindstone challenges you to match (read: slice up) little monster dudes on a 7x7 board. Each of these beasties has different abilities, so you'll need to think about what you want to activate and when. The game has hundreds of levels too, with different obstacles and encounters to deal with.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrindstone - Fortune Grind FREE update - New Daily Grind mode & more!

It hit PC today with all its previous updates and a new mode called Fortune Grind. This lets you spin a roulette wheel on your daily runs, rewarding you with more loot, or damning you with more obstacles or enemies. This update adds 10 new levels and some new items too, and is out on all platforms now.

I reckon Grindstone is the sort of thing I'll happily have open while I'm playing other stuff. My go right now in between rounds of Valorant is Dorfromanik - it's nice to have something to chill out with while you're waiting for your pals to avenge your death. Grindstone looks considerably more violent than Dorfromanik, mind you, but a pleasant second-screen game nonetheless.

Grindstone is available on PC right now via the Epic Games Store, priced at £14/$15. It's also on iOS and Nintendo Switch.

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