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GTA Definitive Edition's latest patch fixes spelling, restoring several "jokes"

Plus rain, UI and other bugs squashed

The Grand Theft Auto games are full of jokes - or, as I like to call them, "jokes". I'm referring to the series' habit of replacing words in signs and company names with rude soundalikes or double entendres.

These jokes have been restored by GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition's latest patch, which corrects spelling on signage, puts the hard angles back on the Tuff Nut logo, and stops it raining indoors quite so often.

Several of GTA's joke signs were broken by the Definitive Edition, which seemed to upscale textures and auto-replace text with inconsistent results. A music shop's advertised "Air Guitars" became "AR Guitars", and their "Guitarwank Booths" became "Guitarhenk booths". Shaft Hot Dogs' slogan, meanwhile, mistook a low-res M for an H, and became "The Taste Of A Real Man's Heat."

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The most egregious of these was definitely San Andreas's Tuff Nuts donut shop, the sign of which featured a hex nut alongside a deliberately (unavoidably) polygonal donut. The Definitive Edition smoothed out both, even the nut.

A new patch, released today, fixes all of the above and dozens more. The full patch notes also include fixes for a lot of rain: places where it appeared indoors, places where it appeared incorrectly during cutscenes, places where it appeared underwater.

Other notable changes include the reintroduction of the cinematic camera, fixes to UI, closing up several holes in the world that players could fall through, and more.

If it's not obvious, the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy's Definitive edition launched as a total mess, and was even removed from sale for including several files unintentionally. Modders have been fixing things so far, but Rockstar apologised and promised to fix the games. They've also made the originals available again, but only via the Rockstar Launcher.

In other words, it's been less Definitive Edition, and more like... Duffinitive Edition. There we go, a "joke" Rockstar would appreciate.

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