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GTA Online alien suits are free this week, fuelling the green vs. purple wars

Are you green or purple?

Inviting chaos into GTA Online, Rockstar today started giving away free green and purple alien bodysuits. Over the past few weeks, Los Santos has been invaded by violent aliens. First, gangs of players dressed as green aliens were jumping unsuspecting people with baseball bats and pool cues. Then, gangs of purple aliens started fighting the green aliens in sprawling street brawls. But the invasion was somewhat contained because suits are not cheap. Now anyone can be an alien at no cost - and pool cues are free too. Watch your back.

Presumably for one week from today, the Green Martian Bodysuit and Purple Martian Bodysuit are both free to pick up from any clothes shop. Hit the cashier to see Outfits, then look under Outfits: Arena War then Bodysuits. They usually cost $358,000 each, which is far beyond 'impulse purchase' territory for many. If you lack commitment or just want to start trouble, you can get both the green and purple suits. You can also grab a free pool cue from a gun shop.

I haven't played GTA Online since the weekend so I don't know the recent state of the wars, but I did see several aliens lurking when I briefly hopped on. I assume it won't take much effort to spark japes once everyone twigs that the suits are free right now. The novelty of alien gangs has been fading and the craze will inevitably die out, so it's nice that everyone can have a go now.

While it might seem like griefing to some, by the standards of GTA Online griefing this really is just banter. I'd rather be killed a hundred times by aliens with bats than once by a tryhard on a hoverbike exploding my cargo deliveries. This is the most fun the mood of the sandbox world has been in as long as I've played.

If you do fancy joining alien wars or forming a beatdown gang, don't be a dick about it. Remember that the goal is ultimately for everyone to have fun. It's meant to be a brawl so don't pull guns. Definitely don't roll up on your Oppressor Mk II, raining missiles. I don't mind getting bumped Iby cars but it's no fun if someone keeps zooming over folks back and forth. Some folks might want to throw in roleplay and staged scenarios so hey, have fun with it.

Rockstar are also currently giving $500,000 in-game cash to all players who jack in during the month of May. I had thought that a handy opportunity to scoop an alien suit but not necessarily an endorsement, seeing as they do virtuacash giveaways fairly often. Now? Oh it's on.

Disclosure: I have some pals at Rockstar. It has been surprising to meet more people in my regular life then discover OH YOU WORK THERE TOO? Edinburgh is a tiny city.

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