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Humble are giving away co-op skyship shooter Guns Of Icarus Alliance today

The humblest of deals - entirely gratis

Here's a fun freebie for the weekend, if you've got yourself a crew that don't object to silly steampunk hats. Co-op skyship shooter Guns Of Icarus Alliance is the Humble Store's latest giveaway. A game about naval combat in the sky - multiple players scramble around the deck of their vessel, manning guns, putting out fires and trying not to get shot up too badly. It's good fun, especially with a bunch of friends with voice chat, and it's free to grab (and keep) until Saturday, July 28th, 10am PST/6pm BST.

While the original Guns Of Icarus Online was a purely PvP experience (and a hell of a learning experience for new players), Alliance offers a far more gentle learning curve, letting players cut their teeth on a variety of AI targets. Ground installations, smaller drones and bot-controlled airships are among the enemies in co-op mode. Alliance does offer PvP, but it's a secondary concern to the cooperative steampunk crew experience.

Those of you with sharp memories will remember that there was another Guns of Icarus Alliance giveaway just a couple months back, during the big Steam summer sale. It gave the game a good boost in the number of players around, but only for a few weeks, before dropping back to its regular small community of die-hard players. It's a pity to see a game like this struggle to retain players, but perhaps people aren't really looking for a co-op crewing experience? It makes me wonder if - as massive as Warframe is - its upcoming Railjack expansion won't suffer the same fate.

But worries like that are for another time. For now, you'll need to get yourself a bottle of rum (optional, but ideally as dark as possible), and rope your friends into grabbing Guns Of Icarus Alliance here on Humble.

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