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Hadokan't: No Super Street Fighter IV For PC

Gamasutra reports that despite strong sales of Street Fighter IV on the PC and the game being built on DirectX technology, Capcom has no intention of gracing our beloved platform with Super Street Fighter IV. The reason? Piracy. Producer Yoshinori Ono has stated that the company "cannot allow a situation" where the game is available for free on any platform, and that a PC port will only be a possibility if Capcom discover a decent copy protection solution.

Ready for the weird bit? Ono went on to say that a Steam-only release was out of the question because it would be "unfair to PC players who are unable to buy games via the digital distribution platform." What, as opposed to it being unfair for every single one of us? DAMMIT, CAPCOM.

The guy in the screenshot is Hakan, by the way. A new character in SSFIV and Turkish oil wrestler. Since we won't be able to play with Hakan, I've put a documentary about actual Turkish oil wrestlers below. Maybe we can play with them, instead. They seem nice.

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