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The Epistle 3 jam offers home-brewed Half-life games

Half-life lives

Dozens of developers have been making their own little versions of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 in a game jam over the past two months, and today's their last day to bring their homages home. The Epistle 3 game jam has been inspired by Marc Laidlaw's pitch for an Episode 3 script, and features everything from an RTS through to an action-RPG and even an FPS or two.

The jam ends at 7pm tonight, and I've highlighted a few entries that you might enjoy after the jump.

The only rule organiser Laura Michet sets for the jam is that the games have to adapt that synopsis "in whole or in part", with no restrictions on genre, art style, or the gender of the characters (Laidlaw's cheeky obfuscation stars Gertrude Fremont and Alex Vaunt, remember).

I tried 'I have no mouth and I must Freeman' because a) it was the first one I saw and b) I'm a sucker for that joke format. It's only five minutes long and got a couple of chuckles out of me. Without spoiling any more, it posits that Morse code is the answer to Freeman's muteness problem... sort of.

The Third One is a straight march down a corridor, your only task being to swat headcrabs away as they each pop up with a cute little squeal. All the characters you know and love show up along the way, usually making erm...supportive comments on your state after decades of being suspended in time. I don't want to talk about what happened with Dr. Breen.

Those are just a couple of the shorter entries. There's also a an RTS mod for Alien Swarm, a VR doohickey and a visual novel titled 'When Our Hearts Combine'.

There are 31 entries in total so far, with a few more trickling in today. You can find them all over at the jam's page.

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