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Halo Infinite’s getting shorter seasons in 2023

343 Industries promise more regular updates

Multiplayer sci-fi shooter sequel Halo Infinite’s big winter update has finally jumped out of its dropship, and developers 343 Industries are committing to shorter seasons for the game in 2023. They’re also touting more frequent updates to an FPS game that’s been relatively Spartan in terms of content, so far. Another game update is planned for later in 2022, which means Halo Infinite players can almost certainly expect something in December.

Halo Infinite's winter update is trying to right the shooter's Warthog after a disappointing first year.Watch on YouTube

Halo Infinite’s winter update is the biggest one the game’s seen since it launched in late 2021. Live in the game now, it adds the much delayed network campaign co-op, mission replay, the Forge beta, and stuff such as fresh achievements and a new battle pass. That last one is actually sticking around in perpetuity, so you’ll be able to grind through it whenever you like to nab some Halo: Reach themed skins. The winter update also kicks off Halo Infinite’s Match XP beta, which aims to revamp the game’s progression. You can read all about Halo Infinite’s winter update here.

Brendy (RPS in peace) called Hinfinite’s multiplayer a “finely tuned mechanism for delivering explosions and dopamine” when that aspect of the game launched ahead of the campaign last year. Halo Infinite players have had a very frustrating 2022 though, as Kaan found out when he spoke to Halo streamers back in April. I’m still holding out hope that we might see the rumoured battle royale mode sometime in 2023, but there’s been no more word on that since some rumblings from support studio Certain Affinity in September.

Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer is a free to play download. The game’s campaign is on Steam and the Microsoft Store for £50/$60/€60, and on PC Game Pass. We’ve got a while to wait until season three of Halo Infinite, which hits the game on March 7th, 2023.

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