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Survey - What Do You Play With?


Here at RPS, we all turn away from our PCs at least once a week so that we can play games elsewhere. Graham and Jim meet up to play RPGs, John pokes at Android games in the bath, and Alice has turned pond-swimming into a form of LARP*. But enough about us, what about you? Rather than tapping your phones and hacking into your webcams, we thought it best just to ask.

Here's a survey that asks some questions about the games you play and the sites you read. It's anonymous but if you'd like to tell everyone about your Game & Watch collection, feel free to hop into the comments once you're done.

Don't worry - we're not going to use this information to justify a switch to multi-platform coverage, even if we do find out you're all playing games on your CleverPhones during train journeys instead of using the time to read the RPS archives. The information will be used to improve the parts of RPS that you don't see every day - and in time that should let us improve the parts that you do see.


* When I asked Pip and Alec about their non-PC gaming habits, they muttered something about "the most dangerous game of all" and gazed into the middle distance. As for me, I'm a Chess man but will almost definitely purchase a PS4 as soon as Silent Hills is available.

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