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Have A Look At The Not On Steam Sale 

But hoping to get on Steam.

Steam is so big that making some noise that you're not on there is actually a half-decent way to get your game noticed. That's the theory* of the Not On Steam Sale, at any rate. A group of indie developers with games not on Valve's gaming monolith, who've had to deal with people saying "I'll buy it on Steam", are having a sale. 40+ indies will be cutting prices by 25% or more for the next seven days, including Inescapable, Sky Nations, and Tower of Guns.

It's been prompted by Flippfly's Race The Sun sales. The excellent endless flyer thing struggled to gain any recognition outside of Valve's black box, and they said so with graphs. You can't argue with graphs. The result was a few indies banding together, hoping their collective yell for attention will bring in some revenue and recognition. As Flippfly's Aaron San Filippo told us:

Now, we love Steam as much as everyone! But we wanted to help raise general awareness that there are lots of great games out there that aren't on that platform right now. And so we decided to launch a "Not on Steam" sale, for any game that's available for sale but not currently on Steam. Many of these use the Humble store widget, several are sold through Desura and other direct-from-developer stores.

None of those are Steam. The sale will launch today, and last for seven days.

*I had other theories, but the pills took them away.

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