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Race The PlayStation Exclusivity: Labyrinthia Mode Added

Finite labyrinths to navigate

Forever chasing the sunset is a right lark in Race the Sun [official site], but how about a new deathtrap? Developers FippFly yesterday patched in the 'Labyrinthia' mode which had debuted on PlayThings last year, offering finite mazes full of twists, turns, and murder mechanisms. Each labyrinth is beatable with a definite end but a new one arrives every day, bringing fresh new ways to die.

Rather than having old muggins here clumsily recap something they've yet to play, here are the words of FippFly co-founder Forest San Filippo lifted from the trailer revealing Labyrinthia for PlayThings:

"We wanted to present a new kind of challenge so surviving in this world is more about planning ahead than the twitch reaction of the main world. The sun has pretty much been taken out of the equation so all you have to do is not hit things. That's complicated by the fact that there are lots of switches, doors, and spinning things to figure out."

And here's that very same trailer, so you can see just how it works (because time is money hustle hustle go go, I'll say the Labyrinthia bit starts at 40 seconds):

The patch also brought better support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers, along with other odds and ends.

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