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Have You Played... Action Man: Raid On Island X?

A real action game

If I remember correctly, Action Man: Raid On Island X dropped out of a cereal box. This was back when cereal had that Happy Meal generosity, and you'd look forward to that thump as a gift caked in dust landed in your bowl. You won't find any game demos in those wheat crunchie crumbs anymore.

Definitely not one on the level of Action Man: Raid On Island X at least. It was the absolute business.

Memories are hazy, but I think Island X was the home of Dr X, Action Man's arch-nemesis. He had a robotic arm, purple trousers, and looked like he road a loud Harley Davidson in an aggressive manner. In Raid On Island X, you'd infilitrate his island and foil his masterplan - whatever that was.

Raid On Island X had quite a few mini-games, many of which were basic but super moreish. A lot of them were on-the-rails, like one in particular that had you ziplining across what looked like Dr X's backyard. You'd need to avoid these punching bags by clicking to bring your legs up, and it would get progressively more difficult as they moved up and down, or appeared in erratic patterns.

I particularly liked one mini-game which had you floating along in this special scuba diving suit, dodging sea mines, and shooting jellyfish or robotic sharks. It was a simpler time, but a very good time.

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