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Have You Played... Bridge Constructor Portal?

It's not Portal though, is it?

I’m going to be honest here. I was incredibly apprehensive about Bridge Constructor Portal. I didn’t even play it for the first 8 months after it came out. I am a huge Portal fan and I think I was a bit offended by this game when I first heard of it. Kids these days get offended by anything, the snowflakes.

I picked it up in one of many Steam sales and I admit, I lost an entire evening to it. I love puzzles, the feeling of frustration followed by the sense of achievement when you haven't accidentally killed all of the poor Aperture Science employees. There are still portals, sure, but now there are… bridges! Yeah, okay it sounds pretty boring doesn’t it. That’s what I thought too, but building bridges can be fun! That didn’t sound too convincing either, did it?

Like you’d expect with a game riffing off of Portal, there’s actual science. If your bridges don’t look like they’d work in real life then chances are they won’t work in the game. I’m not a real life bridge constructor but I do know a rickety bridge when I see one.

Sure, the game is missing Chell, Cave Johnson, and everyone’s favourite Bristolian vilain, but GLaDOS is (kinda) there, as are her horrific ways of testing things. She’s still out here creating mind-bending puzzles which easily cause harm to human subjects. Yes, this does mean that more innocent people than I’d like to admit ended up losing their heads, in an entirely literal sense. It genuinely got so difficult that I had to stop playing. It hurt my brain. I am not a smart human.

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