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Have You Played... Death And Taxes?

Death is only the beginning

Of the two, I think I prefer death! HO HO HO.

Death And Taxes is a genre-defying I-suppose-a-puzzle-game where you work as a new, junior Grim Reaper. This is an office job just like any other office job, it turns out, with a lot of admin and paperwork. Your supervisor gives you quotas for how many people you have to kill each day, and you can choose to ignore them or follow orders dutifully. But there are consequences.

Since people can have a knock on effect on the world, whether they live or die can change the state it's in (which, if you buy it with your hard earned deathbucks, is represented by a snowglobe geegaw you can keep on your desk). Some people are massive arseholes, but are good for the economy. Some people are a net neutral: the world literally does not notice if they expire. Which is a slightly depressing thought.

Every day you get a new raft of files describing the puny humans you could crush beneath your big death stamp of doom. It's an interesting dynamic, because you are so remote from the immediate consequences of your actions (i.e. you do not see the people die), but then later see them gradually play out. And eventually you might have some consequences as well.

There's a really fun story running through this one, and it's also very funny. Plus you get to customise your Grim Reaper by choosing what sort of robe or grim aspect it wears. As a whole I'd say that the vibe of this one is very Death off of the Discworld, which is no bad thing at all. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's a good thing.

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