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Have You Played... Dustforce

A clean sweep

Rarely have I gotten better at something as swiftly and satisfyingly as Dustforce. A game about sweeping up. Except sweeping in elegantly swishy moves, in which you'll replay levels to master the fluidity of your swooshes, mastering its pinpoint precise controls, until you get that top mark of an 'S'.

It becomes a game about sliding along ceilings, leaping off walls, double-jumping your way to utter glory. Or failing to do so, over and over, until your fists bleed in frustration. It's about combos, stringing together your sweeping moves with utter perfection, and seeing yourself on the high score chart above your sworn enemies.

The game measures your dust/dirt/leaf collection, the finesse with which you did it (the combos) and the time you did it in. This is then compared on the online scoreboards. And rather brilliantly, the ghost replay of any score can be watched in your game. Want to know how to perfect your time? Watch those better than you, and attempt to mimic it.

It's a sublime game, and I worry too quickly lost to time. Definitely one to dig out, on Steam for £7.

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