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Have You Played… Iron Snout?

Leave me aloin.

You know those things that go around Twitter like "pick an animal to protect you, the rest are coming to kill you"? Iron Snout is what happens when you choose one pig to fight thousands of wolves.

In Iron Snout, you’re a single hog taking on an endless stream of wolves while completely stationary in the middle of the screen. Developer SnoutUp, it turns out, is completely obsessed with pigs, having created a whole load of pig-based games, but Iron Snout is the one I immediately adored. It’s such a basic, simple concept and the first few wolves will fall without too much trouble, but once things start piling up it gets real hectic, real quick.

If you like games where you go around beating ‘em up, Iron Snout is worth a go. Like most fighting games, you’ll end up discovering a surprisingly deep combat system. You’ll string together moves as best you can to simultaneously avoid your enemies’ attacks, use their own weapons against them, and punch their lights out. It’s a game of endurance, and after a couple of deaths you’ll become something of an expert at beating the piss out of cop-wolf hybrids. 

Also, it’s literally free and takes up next to no hard drive space. The controls are super tight and with a bit of practice you’ll end up in a Neo-like flow, completely entranced by your tiny cartoon pig.

See the snout. Control the snout. Become the snout.

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