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Have You Played... Project Hospital?

Habbo Hospital

Project Hospital is a very realistic hospital game that looks a lot like Habbo. But the problem is, hospitals aren’t very fun places to be, are they? Which is why games like Two Point Hospital make them humorous and less realistic, because depending on the reason you’re in hospital, they tend to exist for bad things, right? Not always, I mean you could be having a child I suppose, or some life-changing surgery, but I’ve never been to a hospital for something good. Last time I was in hospital was for an allergy test. Having tiny little needles pricking your arm, and then hanging around and waiting for a reaction is not the most fun I’ve had (turns out, I’m not allergic to anything, despite an horrific reaction to something a few Gamescoms ago).

ANYWAY onto Project Hospital. I did a video comparing both Project Hospital and Two Point Hospital, and I think they both offer different things for different types of players. Project Hospital is perhaps a bit too serious for me, because we all know I’m a fun gal. Still, there is something compelling about diagnosing real world ailments. You can let an AI doctor do this bit, but if you take control you get to send the patient to the right departments, give them the right prescriptions, and so on. That’s the bit I liked the most. Otherwise, I found it a bit too gritty and realistic.

I’m not a massive fan of isometric games either, I don’t like feeling too far away from the action (she says, over 25 episodes deep into a Divinity Original Sin 2 Let’s Play) and this doesn’t even have a forgiving camera. It does have fully customisable walls, floors, and outfits (which Two Point didn’t have at launch) and it feels a little more Sim-ish, which I like. Obviously. This is going to turn into the script of my old video if I don’t watch out.

If you want a more realistic hospital sim, then Project Hospital is the one for you. If you want to role play as an actual doctor, see actual blood (but not actual, as it’s a game) on your hospital floors, then give it a whirl.

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