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Have You Played... Purrfect Date?

Who really wants to date a cat?

Who doesn’t love cats, right? But who really wants to date a cat? I mean sure, we’ve heard of people marrying their pets, but that first dinner out has to be awkward, right? “If loving cats is wrong, I don’t wanna be right,” the trailer for Purrfect Date sings at you. This is a dating sim by Bae Team... with cats.

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The central mystery of the game isn’t that you seem to be attracted to cats, but the fact that these cats seem to have congregated on an island for some reason. That’s why you’re there. The dating scene is just a bonus. You are Professor Pawpur’s newest apprentice, and you’re a little suspicious about what happened to his old apprentices. The game claims to have more words than Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and - sorry J.K. - I think I know which one I’d rather read. There are 18 alternative endings, over 10 hours of gameplay, and a whole load of cat puns.

It's been recommended by Eurogamer, and many other places from Kotaku to VG247 have all spoken highly of it. It’s hilarious, sure, but it does raise a few concerning questions about just how much we as a species love cats. Have we gone too far? I do love a bad pun, however, and I do love cats, so this game is right up my feline-friendly street.

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