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Have you played… Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Darkness rises, and Light to meet it

My journey playing through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for guides on RPS was a very strange one. I played for ten hours on the first day, and came away exhausted and with only negative things to say about it. The combat was like Sekiro but worse, the cutscenes were lengthy and unskippable, the frame rate was inconsistent, and the puzzle sections were just about the last thing I wanted to encounter in a Star Wars game.

I found myself longing to get to the end of the game so I could finish writing my guides and stop playing. But instead, the moment I finished the campaign I started again on the highest difficulty. And then again. And again. Over the course of its campaign, the game had taken a janky, unstable lightsaber to my heart and carved a Fallen Order-shaped hole in me with neither my knowledge nor my consent. Now, I have to concentrate to notice all those negative points that previously I was unable to look beyond.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order places you in the shoes of Jedi-in-hiding Cal Kestis after the events of Order 66. His journey to recover an important artefact before the Empire can get their hands on it takes him and his companions to various different locales, filled with interesting new threats - not just from the Empire and its Jedi-hunting Inquisitors, but from the planet's native flora and fauna as well. It's a great backdrop for a Star Wars story; much like the magnificent series The Mandalorian, it's a smaller and more intimate story than we're used to seeing in Star Wars, but also one which offers frequent glimpses at the larger legends that we all know and love.

And the combat is actually pretty good. If I'd never played Sekiro, I'd only have endless praise for it. It may not feel as responsive and visceral as From Software's work, but JFO is by far the game which best captures the feel of handling a weapon as powerful and legendary as a lightsaber. And that's reason enough to give this game a go if you haven't already.

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