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Have You Played... Theme Park World?

Welcome to Theme Park World!

Also known as Theme Park 2, also know as Sim Theme Park. This game consumed my prepubescent years. That Theme Park World hasn't received a gussy up and polish to sell on Steam or GOG is a genuine surprise to me, because it's a smashing little management sim. I mean, it's a Bullfrog game, so you know what to expect.

Like Theme Park before it, you're tasked with running a profitable amusement park, with different 'worlds' providing themes - horror, space, jungle that kind of thing. You can only advance to a new theme park once you've got enough money and golden tickets from your previous successful ones. And the themes are done so well! You have different rides, gift shops and food vendors all designed with lovely little details.

The header image (which is from the Bullfrog wiki, shout out to them) is of the Big Dripper, a roller coaster from Wonderland. Wonderland is themed around fairytales but also styled as a sort of Honey I Shrunk The Theme Park, where vistors are insect sized. There's another mini roller coaster where they sit on the back of a worm diving in and out of an apple. Such vision!

There are loads of things in it that really blew my mind as when I was a kid. You could switch to a visitor cam and see the park from the point of view of someone walking around it! Or try your roller coaster out once you've finished it! Also, because it's a Bullfrog game, its very funny. I have very fond memories of the tutorial/narrator/helper lad.

I remain convinced that one day it'll appear on GOG, but I think it's kicking around some abandonware sites, if you fancy a look.

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