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Have You Played… Thief: The Dark Project?

Redistribution of assets that don't belong to you

The original Thief is one of the first games I remember playing. I was at my mate’s house, because he had a proper computer (and one of those old school mice with the little ball in that you had to take out and blow on if it got stuck). I remember doing the tutorial; being taught to hide in shadows and avoid the light. I was eight, and didn’t get much further than that until years later.

Thief turned 20 last year, but it is still very good -- if blocky in its original form. The people in it look like the mums and dads of Minecraft characters, often armed with big hammers and often very cross that master thief Garrett has snuck in through a window to steal everything. Thief is true stealth, you see, the kind where if you get spotted you’re probably going to die. Garrett is very squishy.

One time I was doing really well and had gotten really far in a level, when I accidentally left an unconscious body where I shouldn’t have. And then I alerted a Builder guard and he came charging at me, and I tried to reload but had done that thing where I saved after. I had to start the whole level again. I understand that this doesn’t sound like a recommendation but honestly it is such a good game, creepy crawling about in a library and holding your breath when you hear something. Plus you can get it as Thief: Gold with the extra bits on Steam for a fiver, so...

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