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Hearthstone's volatile single-player Puzzle Lab mode is out now

You are going to do Science until it hurts.

Hearthstone's Boomsday Project expansion introduced a whole new world of chaos to the unpredictable free-to-play card game. A multitude of game-changing (or wrecking) cards with scattershot and explosive effects have definitely refreshed the game a bit, but those wanting to take things slow and poke around the new systems at their own pace might have been left a little cold. The Puzzle Lab, launched today, might just provide that opportunity. It's a new solo mode for Hearthstone, featuring single-turn puzzles spread across four categories. Below, a video explaining it all.

The four kinds of challenge in the Puzzle Lab are Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear and Survival. Lethal is the most straightforward of them all - your goal is simply to wipe out the enemy hero using the cards provided. Mirror requires a bit more creativity, as your goal is to have an identical lineup of minions to your opponent, right down to their stats and buffs. Board Clear is the most explosive, with your goal being to completely wipe out all minions, both yours and your opponents. Lastly, there's Survival, where all you need to do is not die when you get exploded. Easy, right? No.

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Each series gets increasingly complex, but unlike earlier solo modes you can switch to another puzzle type to let your brain cool off if you get stumped without penalty. While it doesn't really reflect regular Hearthstone play, it does act as a deep dive into some interesting card synergies and tricks you can pull with the right hand. Plus, there' a bundle of new silly banter amongst the cast. As grim as World Of Warcraft tries to be sometimes, it's really all cartoon silliness, and The Boomsday Project fully embraces that.

Hearthstone, as ever, remains free-to-play. Plus if you log in soon, you get three Boomsday Project card packs, free to celebrate the launch of the new mode.

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