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Magicka Devs Release Co-op Shooter Helldivers


'Helldiver' is perhaps a good nickname for an elite troop who stands as humanity's last line of defense against alien invasion, but it's not a very realistic job title is it? Hey, Arrowhead Game Studios, how about Senior Earth Preservation Technicians? That'd be a good name for a game. Ah, no matter! The Magicka folks today released deathsome shooter Helldivers [official site] so you can your chums can save Super Earth together, enjoying big guns, mech drops, support strikes, and a whole lot of friendly fire.

Helldivers sends players (solo, or together with local and online co-op for up to four) on procedurally-generated missions to shoot enemies, complete objectives, and did I mention the shooting? Sure, you could just do shooting as a futuresoldier, but you might also fancying airdropping in, say, a mech to romp around in (airdrops can land on folks and squish 'em, mind). It looks hectic and fun and difficult, with a fair range of viable builds and playstyles. Across missions you'll level up to unlock new weapons, vehicles, perks, and cosmetic doodads, see, and research upgrades.

The game first hit PlayThings in March, and this PC release comes with all the DLC included. It's £15.99 on Steam.

Folks who pre-ordered were allowed in early, playing over the weekend, so perhaps some of y'all have some thoughts to share with the group? Or maybe you played it on PS? Or, for the rest of us, here's a trailer:

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