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Here's our first look at E4's GamesMaster reboot

Yep, that's lots of people playing games on the telly

E4 have dropped the first trailer for their GamesMaster reboot, showing a quick blast showing of competitive gaming, and an orby hologram of a man. GamesMaster was an old TV show in the 90s hosted by Dominik Diamond where they'd review games, give out tips, and get celebrities to compete in gaming challenges. The reboot seems to have more of that good stuff, and this time around will be hosted by Robert Florence.

So, it looks like celebs will be competing with professional gaming folks to win a shiny Golden Joystick trophy. There'll be challenges, battles, and some walkthroughs (you can catch a glimpse of some of them playing Deathloop together on a sofa).

Watch on YouTube

The trailer is only 40 seconds long, but you can see a few of the games they're competing in too. I caught Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Call Of Duty, Beat Sabre, Mario 3D World, Deathloop, Cuphead, Speedrunners, and a couple more.

GamesMaster's lead host is Robert Florence (from VideoGaiden, Consolevania, and BBC Scotland sketch show Burnistoun), and his co-hosts are Frankie Ward (who you might know from PC Gaming Show) and Ty Logan (a new actor and presenter). The role of GamesMaster himself will be taken over by Sir Trevor McDonald, former news presenter and journalist for ITV.

The original GamesMaster ran on Channel 4 between 1992 to 1998, during which I was aged -4 to 2, so I'm afraid I cannot tell you what I thought of it personally. It strikes me as an odd thing to bring back nearly 30 years later, seeing as there's so much gaming #content to watch on YouTube and Twitch. But hey, it was a well-loved show, and this looks like fun.

GamesMaster launches on E4's YouTube channel on November 21st, and will come to their TV channel further down the line.

Disclosure: Robert Florence used to write for RPS.

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