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Hexa Going, Going, Gon: Greed Corp Out

Rock-solid lightweight strategy title Greed Corp is out now on Steam! Yes. Technically it was out yesterday too, and the day before that, and, er, about another 50 days before that. Actually, this one's a double-whammy of incompetence because I was informed of this release by an RPS reader who also excitedly told me about a Greed Corp Steam sale which ended about 4 minutes before he sent the email. Anyway. Greed Corp is good, and if you dive across the misty gap that separates the two halves of this post, you'll find yourself some more info and a goofy PC launch trailer.

The idea that powers Greed Corp is simple and lovely. It's a turn-based strategy game, with players building factories and sending forth various clunky robot freaks and merciless planes at their enemy and all that jazz, except the world is enormously fragile. Through explosions and mining resources players gradually send each hexagon plummeting downwards, until it eventually cracks and crumbles into nothingness. You spend about as much time facepalming your way through the awful mistakes and situations in a match of Greed Corp as you do using the flimsy terrain to your advantage. It's neat.

Not to mention the music's cute, there's a 10 hour single player campaign and you've got plenty of units spread over 4 factions. Take a look!

Watch on YouTube

And while I'm at it, here's mighty RPS commenter TotalBiscuit doing one of his charming walkthroughs. Ah, TotalBiscuit, you are so dreamy.

Watch on YouTube

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