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Hitman 2 has us seeing double with its latest elusive target

Beware the many stabs of March

The good news is that you won't have to travel far to find The Politician, the latest elusive target in Hitman 2, as she's holed up in the compact little tutorial (and demo) map of Hawke's Bay. Those shooting for a Silent Assassin rank will have to do a little sleuthing to figure out which is the real target, however, as she's there with a body double, and killing both wouldn't be classy. This new one-off challenge mission (being an elusive target, you've only got one shot) is just the start of a busy month of updates for Ian Hitman in Io's excellent murder sim. Take a peek at the briefing and upcoming goodies below.

Ian is a man who wears many hats, but for the challenge pack coming on March 14th, he'll just have to wear another brand of tailored suit. In The Butler Did It, there's six new challenges to complete on the Isle of Sgàil while dressed up as the hired help. The reward for clearing all of them is a feather duster, which is - bizarrely enough - a throwable, non-lethal weapon. Much like how Riddick can kill you with a teacup, Ian can lay you out with a fistful of feathers. This is why we do not taunt Ian Hitman, and why you absolutely should tip the butler when visiting a fancy event.

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On March 21st, there's another set of featured contracts themed around the poor bloody luck of its victims, followed up just a few days later with the first bit of paid DLC on March 26th. It's just a Sniper Assassin map, but there's three new targets, a swarm of bodyguards and a bunch of bonus objectives. As with the original sniper map, it can be played solo or cooperatively with a buddy. On March 28th there's a new Escalation bringing players back to Colombia, with a powerful (if gaudy) pistol up for grabs, and on March 29th one of the original elusive targets will be returning - The Black Hat - a hacker to track down in Paris for anyone who also owns Hitman 1.

The Politician is lurking around in Hawke's Bay if you want to start your hunt. She'll be around for just ten days. You can see the full March roadmap here.

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