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Hitman 2 celebrates its first year with month of swashbuckling murder

Murder, he boat

Has it been a year already, Hitman 2? With 12 months of murder in the bag, IO Interactive have eyes on the next step in Hitman 47's next adventure. Whatever form Hitman 3 takes, though, there's still a good deal of death left to dish out. November will be Hitman 2's biggest month yet, with no less than 2 new special events landing each week - starting with a new challenge pack and two legacy escalations landing today.

There's a lot to get stuck into this month, including new hits and classic capers pulled from the deadliest spots across Hitman 1 and 2.

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Mr Hitman's birthday bonanza kicks off today with two Legacy escalations returning to Marrakesh and Paris. Meanwhile, new suburban challenge pack "Breaking And Entering" sees the chrome-dome killer turn from assassin to cat-burglar. Week-by-week, we'll be returning to vistas across modern Hitman for challenges old and new, culminating in a swashbuckling finale. Avast, mateys.

The Bartholomew Hornswoggle, besides being an absolute belter of a name, is a proper treasure-hunting escalation for Agent 47. Piece together a treasure map, plunder the Haven Isles, and unlock a Buccaneer's coat fit for a captain.

Altogether, there are 10 featured contracts, 8 escalations, 6 challenge packs, and a classic Elusive Target to sink your teeth (or, preferably, knife) into, with 5 new gadgets and two suits to unlock. A full dossier of death-dealing antics can be found over on IO's November Roadmap.

IO also note that they're hard at work figuring out what the next stage in Hitman's career might look like. Would they pick the episodic model back up after ditching it for Hitman 2? It certainly looks like they've got a knack for this live content stuff. I wouldn't be shocked to see a hypothetical Hitm3n lean even further in, going seasonal with new avenues for slaughter every other month.

But Hitman 3 is a ways off yet, and there's plenty of life in the old killer yet.

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