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Hitman 2 gets cold toes in new Siberian sniper DLC mission

Pack your gloves and scarf

A wise Australian once said: "Sniping's a good job, mate." When playing a lethal game of dress-up gets stale, sometimes a good assassin just wants to put a bullet in someone's skull. When your job is murder, it must feel like the easy shift: Sit back, relax, point, click. Job's done, get that invoice sent and wait for the blood money to roll in.

Agent 47's latest paid point-and-click adventure DLC for Hitman 2 takes the bald murderer close to negative 47 degrees Celsius. Gosh, I hope he packed a scarf.

Hitman 3 might be all but confirmed, but 47's closing chapter is still a ways off for now. There's still a lot more men to shoot until then. Two men, really. Hitman 2's latest mission takes Agent 47 (and you, you lucky bugger) to a sunny Siberian prison.

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There's a couple of misbehaving rascals in residence, though only one of them is behind bars: topless mobster Roman Khabko and Vitaly Reznikov, a crooked overseer with some serious taste in hats. Being a Sniper Assassin mission, you'll be keeping a safe distance with your death-binoculars. It's too bloody cold to go sneaking about.

It looks like you'll be able to cause all sorts of havoc within the prison. Locked gates can be conveniently unlocked, setting a riot rolling to keep nosy guards distracted. Someone must have fudged up a spreadsheet, too, because there are enough flammable red barrels lying about to fill a Half-Life 2 level.

Siberia rolls out today on Steam for Expansion Pass holders.

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