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Hitman 3 can now import locations from the first two for free

Four weeks after launch

The big dream of the current Hitman trilogy was them merging seamessly into one megagame with all the locations and murders for players you owned all three. Turned out, it had some real nasty seams on PC. At one point, it looked like folks might actually need to re-buy the first two to join them to Hitman 3. Well, a solution was promised, and a solution is finally here. Four weeks after launch, you can now join the first two with 3 for free on PC.

Hit Io Interactive's import website to sign in and get the process underway. It'll ask you to link accounts to see what you own, then give you 'em as Access Passes for Hitman 3. See the import guide for more.

And yep, that should be it, assuming servers don't fall over again. Your progress and locations from the first two (and from Steam) can now be in 3. Took a bit.

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Io had advertised all along that you'd be able to import Hitman and Hitman 2 into Hitman 3 if you owned them, just as folks had been able to import Hitman into Hitman 2. Then four days before launch, Io revealed all would not be as smooth as expected. Instead, they now said, players could claim Hitman 1's locations free for 3 during the first ten days after launch and could buy Hitman 2's (with an 80% discount at launch). Oh no. But soon after they promised they really would be free to connect, and now they are.

Io never explained the problem, saying it was "due to various circumstances out of our control." Many assumed it was connected to the fact that the first two debuted on Steam (where they joined without issue) while 3 is an Epic Games Store exclusive. Somewhat sullied the launch of a great game.

"As a final act, Hitman 3 is as capable and pleasing as its trilogy-siblings," Brendy said in our Hitman 3 review. "As a trilogy, it is one of the most fun-loving games of the previous decade. It is like Ian himself - reliable, dry-humoured, uniformed. The best murderer money can buy."

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