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Hitman 3 servers continuing to struggle

A bad launch for a good game

Officially, Hitman 3 launched yesterday. In reality, uh, some players still aren't really getting to play. The servers which imported progression from the previous two games have been overloaded, an issue Io Interactive scrambled to fix yesterday. Server woes are also causing some players to have the game interrupted by error messages prompting them to reconnect or play offline. Io's most recent statement said they were working on servers.

Hitman 3 can import your item unlocks, Mastery Levels, XP, and such carried over from the first two games. But the website which runs this got slammed, hard, as we reported yesterday. You could play Hitman 3 without importing your previous progress straight away, but then your Hitman 3 progress would be wiped when you did get around to importing. So would you wait to start playing, or start straight away then lose that progress?

The other big issue going round is that some people have been getting disconnected from the Hitman server which tracks persistent progression stuff. In this case, the game interrupts you with a message to reconnect, play offline, or return to the main menu. If you play offline, it won't track XP for Mastery Levels and that.

After our post yesterday, Io tweeted a note that if you completed the progression import process then received a notice that it failed, your account would be placed in a queue to actually do it, and that was it, you just had to wait. A few hours later, they noted they were still working on things.

"We hope many of you are enjoying the game & we're continuing to make progress on fixing server issues," they said on Twitter at 11:01pm. "We want to get you (& your progress) in the game ASAP."

They've not said anything new so far today. It's a shame to have the launch marred by this (not to mention the hold-up with importing levels from the previous two games) when the game's a good'un. Brendy said in our Hitman 3 review that it has some of his favourite levels of the trilogy.

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