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Hitman Season One missions remastered for Hitman 2

What great news!

All the missions of Hitman's first season will be updated and playable within Hitman 2, IO Interactive announced today. Which is great. This will give the missions news ways to do murders, as well as a little extra visual fanciness and new modes. Which sounds pretty chuffing great. IO do specify that season one owners will get the revamped counterparts in Hitman 2 for free, so it sounds like newcomers will need to pay for 'em. They call this principle of unified murder "World Of Assassination", which is probably meant to sound grand but does mostly remind me of Truck Simulator's World Of Trucks.

"The World Of Assassination ensures that all our new features--across AI, combat, gameplay items, graphics improvements, and new game modes--will be available across all of Season One content as well," IO said in today's announcements. These include flashbang grenades and dart guns, pretending to be a shrub or slipping into NPC crowds to duck suspicion, smuggling forbidden items into places in briefcases, and... y'know, sequel stuff.

"Everything from Season One onward will now under one ever-expanding roof, with fresh concepts and live content being consistently released to the community," IO add.

Hitman's episodic journey was a bit bumpy at times but includes some cracking locations for sandbox murder, so it'll be good to see more of them in the sequel.

The Hitman Legacy Pack, as it's officially named, will be free to Hitman Season One owners once the sequel launches. IO don't say how much it'll cost for newcomers. If you want Hitman Season One's missions without the sequel's changes, hey, play them in plain ol' Hitman.

Hitman 2 is due to launch on November 13th, costing £45/€60/$60 on Steam. Unlike Season One, it's arriving in one lump rather than episodically. But clearly 'live content' is still part of the plan.

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